Mixed Reality is the third pillar technology unde the Extented Reality umbrella. It combines aspects of both VR and AR to allow users to interact intietevely through voice commands and gestures with virtual objects which are placed directly in the physical surrounding around the user. This technology is especially applicable for light and heavy industries alike. It accelerates training and development, reduces upkeep costs, improves effectiveness of remote tele assistance and reduces greatly knowledge checking time. MR allows for team collaboration within a shared space or remotely.

MR devices augment human intelligence in real time and we beleive they will fundamentally change how we understnad the world around us. This is why, we are eager to use the full extend of our rich know-how and product insights to hel you leverage the amazing benefits of Mixed Reality for your business.

We are creatives and problem solvers.

As a one-stop XR production Agency we make the extraordinary possible.

Why MR?

Reduced Maintenance

Mixed reality applications help you examine what’s necessary and drastically reduces the maintenance time for organizations.

Improved Quality Control

Advanced image recognition allows for more effective and less time consuming quiality control process.

Remote Assistance

Solve your problems in real-time using this advanced technology and share the work with employees remotely in real time.

Empowered Learning

MR can change the dimension of education and training in the industry while influenceing it dramatically and bringing drastic changes.

Our Process


Every project we work on begins with understanding your brand's identity and its business objectives.This allows us to pin-point what it would take for your product to thrive and lies the foundation for your success story.


Once equipped with invaluable insights, our creative wizards get to work- creating a storyboard, mock up designs, example UIs and any other visual commponents to put your idea into skin and prepare it for technical implementation.


Our team of highly experienced developers and engineers secures the seamless implementation from idea to a useable product. Their care for details and their love for problem solving provides for failure proof solutions.


With your experience fresh from our VR bakery, our analysts measure its impact and refine or adjust as necessary to optimise performance, ensuring the initially set S.M.A.R.T. objectives are met.


MR Development

Use Mixed Reality to create an experience which directly benefits your business operations. Earase the boundaries of real world surrounding and 3D virtual objects to allow unprecedented acceleration in learning and development; ensure highest quality of your production process and/or increased adherence to health and safety procedures.

We provide full-cycle MR applicaiton development. In our approach to deliver an immersive and realistic MR epxerience, we keep a fine balance of technological and artistic excellence. Our MR solutions are cost-effective and help customers catch up with the latest developments in their industry, innovate their venture processes, and overachieve their business objectives.

How Much Time Does 360 Video Production Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 12 – 16 weeks.

The MR Market in numbers

Take a peak a the numbers behind the disruptive force of MR


reduced the average length of technical service support calls



of enterprises predict that MR will be used by their businesses in the next three years

Toshiba 2018


reduction in assembly time.

BAE Systems

Use MR for

Immersive technologies are a perfect fit for any kind of event. NO EXCEPTIONS :)

Immersive Sales

Next generation Marketing, Branding and Advertising solutions

Branded MR Content
Brand Activation
"Try before you buy" Experience
Experiential Marketing
Immersive product presentations

Immersive Training Simulators

Accelerate learning and minimize potential risks

Quality control applicaitons
Health and Safety Procedures & Protocols
Remote tele assitance in real time
Training for hazardous working enviroments
MR for medical training

Industry 4.0

Innovative visualization solutions

Visualizations of manufacturing processes
Simulation of working environments and processes
Product and processes prototyping
Training simulations for machine operators


Learn through experience

VR for elementary School
VR for secondary Schools
Topic specific learning centers
VR language learning programs

Additional Benefits

Mixed Reality applications are designed to have a direct and mesuarable impact on your business.

Enhanced Upskilling

Mixed Reality allows for accelerated learning and development process..In addition, any valuable skills lost by retiring workers can be retained in a mixed reality-led environment.

Reduced call out times

Organisations that used to rely on engineers, working with heavy and often outdated manuals, are now using mixed reality to dramatically cut call out times.

Faster quality control

Leveraging the use of overlaid information and advanced image recognition to make your quality control process more effective and less time consuming.


1. Reaction

How the participants felt about the training program. What type of response does the program elicit from them?

2. Learning

How much knowledge or skills the participants gained. How much have they retained?

3. Behavior

The degree to which participants applied what they learned.

4. Results

The benefits the business sees as a result of the training. What does the business get out of the training investment?

Based on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

By consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,

we create bespoke immersive, interactive and innovative experiences for your brand.

We carefully examine the needs of each organization, bringing an immersive MR experience, combining both technical feasibility and end-user desirability.

We are an innovation-centric company that embraces new technology in the form of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and real-time interactive 3d via multi-touch surfaces. which enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve.


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