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We are individuals who are passionate about technology and storytelling. We create mesmerizing immersive content that connects brands of all sizes with their audiences. We leverage our cross-disciplinary expertise to create stunning digital content with compelling messaging. Our strategic approach to storytelling helps brands communicate complex ideas simply whether it is through an immersive VR/AR experience, a slick 3D animation or a film-project.

Whatever you need, we make sure your message is sound and connects strong. Our innovative game-changing solutions transform how companies and organizations collaborate, communicate, and operate.

We are creatives and problem solvers.

As a one-stop XR production Agency we make the extraordinary possible.

Why use VR/AR/MR?

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Ease of training
  • Improved internal communication and collaborations
  • Drives up Productivity and Sales
  • Differentiates your brand from the competition


01 Unichef Competition Client: Unilever Food Solutions
Project: 360° Video
02 VISA Client: VISA
Project: XR Campaign
03 Strepsils Client: A&D Pharma
Project: Branded VR Scene
04 Mastercard Client: Marstercard
Project: 360° Video
05 BALBUK Client: Balbuk Kindergarden
Project: VR scene & 360° Video
06 Koren Clothing Client: Koren Clothing
Project: VR experience
07 REV TAG Client: Rev Tag
Proejct: VR Scene
03 National Geographic Client: National Geographic
Project: Immersive VR Experience
09 SOFIA LABORATORY Client: The Laboratory Sofia
Project: VR Art Event
10 Gaviscon Client: A&D Pharma
Project: AR App
Project: AR Business card
12 Sofia AIrport Client: Sofia Airport
Project: 360° Video



Which industries can use XR? Our solutions are directly applicable in the following industries Marketing, Branding & Advertisement Manufacturing Mining Medicine & Health Care Retail Shopping Malls Sports Industry Automobile showrooms Showrooms Movies & TV Shows Media & Broadcasting Fashion Tourism Restaurants & Bars Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design BIM Art Journalism Live Events Hospitality Enterprises Print & Packaging Education Casinos Animation Pharmacutical Companies Fitness & Relaxation 01 Marketing, Branding & Advertisement Use XR on your marketing mix to drastically drive up cutomer engagmenet and increase sales. Differentiace your brand from the competition and win your customers' longterm loyalty. 03 Print & Package Immersive technologies and Augmented Reality in particular offer endless possibilities to make your print- and package dseigns stand out from the competition. Increase your product's added value with AR and MR. 04 Education VR, AR and MR are changing completely the way we learn and acquire new skills. Enter hyper-learning state of mind with embodiment-based learning to explore the surrounding knowledge. Learn by experience! 04 Enterprises XR Solutions are perfect for enterprise scale organizations beacause the can insure same procedure standards and training methods across departments. Ultiomately, this leads to reduced costs and increased profits. 05 Manufacturing Use VR,AR and MR to reduce training times for new employs, ensure outstanding adherance to Health and Safety procedures and drive profits up. 06 Mining Use XR enhance your workflow processes and ensure inccident free working enviroment. Cut down significantly training time for machine operators and ensure all safety procedures are being followed strictly. 07 Medicine & Health care XR technologies are proving to be an innovative and effecient tool in assiting medical professionals treat various illnessess and disorders. VR, AR and MR are efficient in ensuring all medical persennel has recieved the same quality of training. 08 Retail Leverage consumer behaviour in your business' favour. Implement XR solutions to increase customer engagememt, to hit an all time high levels of customer loyalty & satisfaction. 09 Shopping Malls We offer a wide variety of services which are ideal for getting customer's undivided attention. Make your grand opening the talk in town. We offer all the tool you need to do so - interactive audio visual installations, video & lcd walls, interactive touchscreen displays, holographic devices and boutique 3D mapping. 10 Professional Sports Extended-reality based training simulations are finding their way into the world of professional sports. Athletes and coach staff have now the opportunity to simulate situations and moments from the game and better prepare themselves for competitions. 11 Art Immersive technologies are changing both the way art is created and the way we experience art. Expect to see increasingly more and more VR Galleries and VR exhibitions popping up, as well as prominent artist from different fields transitioning theor works in VR. 12 Automobile Industry Evolve your selling process by implementing XR to increase sales and drive profitability up. Every one of the top 10 car brands have already used VR, AR or MR in their marketing efforts. 13 Product Showrooms Take your product presentation to the next level. Use Virtual and Augmented reality to allow customers to configure your products and let them interact with them in Virtual Reality. If all your products are on-site you can simply use Augmented Reality to communicate the product specifications in a more effective way. 14 Media & Broadcasting Virtual Reality and Live 360° streaming are being implemented more and more into traditional broadcasting in news reports, live journalism and evening shows. 15 Movies & TV Shows Nowadays, Blockbuster movies and ther highest rated TV shows all use VR to promote their product and further more invite viewrs and fans to experience first-hand the world they have created for them. 16 Journalism Nowadays, Blockbuster movies and ther highest rated TV shows all use VR to promote their product and further more invite viewrs and fans to experience first-hand the world they have created for them. 02 Animation Virtual Reality is disrupting the traditional workflow of the animation creation process. Being able to express one's creativity on a 3D canvas gives creatives an extrodanary freedom and new reals of possibiliteis to explore. From 3D modelling, to rigging and animation itself, VR is bound to change the way we create animation. 01 Fashion Nowadays, Blockbuster movies and ther highest rated TV shows all use VR to promote their product and further more invite viewrs and fans to experience first-hand the world they have created for them. 03 Tourism The toursim sector is embracing XR. Let your customers experience a glipmse of their desired destinations with VR. Differentiate yourself from the competition and expand your custoemr base 02 Hospitality In times of fierce competition and ever more globalised market, making your product offering unique has become a vital necessity. Our arsenal of XR solutions guarantee you will awe your customers, both existing and potential ones. Restaurants & Bars Elevate the cusotmer experience in your establishment to new heights. Use interactive 3D projections, augmented reality and touch-displays to streamline your business operation. 20 03 Pharmacutical Companies Use Virtual and Augmented Reality to take your product promotion to the next level. Cut operation costs down and drive sales up. 01 Fitness & Relaxation Fitness and relaxation facilities and franchises around the world are embracing XR. Offer your clients a more engaging and fun way to work out and to relax, ultiamtely growing your memberships. — Summer Collection — Woman in Red — Sunglasses — Sunglasses — Sunglasses — Summer Collection — Woman in Red — Sunglasses

209.2 Bln

The worldwide AR and VR market size is forecast to grow 7.7X between 2018 and 2022

Statista, Greenlight Insights


of consumers react positively to branded VR experiences

Touchstone Research


of the world’s most valuable brands have created some form of virtual or augmented reality experience



of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns.

Vibrant Media

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01 The big question remains. What can you use XR for? Immerseive technologies give us endless possibilities to enhance your business operations. Retail Shopping malls Virtual Shops Virtual Configurators Soft Skills Training Training for engineers Training for Machine operators Brand Storytelling Medical Training Simulators Health & Safety Training Simulators TV & Media Live Events Streaming Interactive Visual Installations AR Billboards, Backdrops and Banners Confrence Meetings in VR BIM Visualizations Team Buildings XR Art Exhibition Corporate Events VR films & VR Documentaries VR Branded Experiences Product promotion Product visualision Marketing Activations VR Test Drive Trade Expos Hosted Confrences AR Business card AR Catalog Design & Prototyping 01 Medical Training Simulators Medical facilities all over the world are using Virtual Reality to provide medical staff with the same standard of training, to accelerate collaboration between medical experts and drive overall costs down. Needless to say, xr training simulators are being widely used in universities as well. 02 Design & Prototyping Evolve your design- and prototyping process by implementing VR tools in your overall workflow. Benefits involve faster production times, more freedom for creativity expression and better collaboration among team members. 03 Product promotion Incorporating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality in your product promotion strategy propels customer engagement to the highest of levels. Let your customers feel and interact with your product freely and build stonger customer relashinships than ever before. 02 Product visualision Take your product visualizations to the next level. You need a solution in the product development process to facillitate collaboration and accelerate pdoction? You need to impress an investor? Or you need to be the talk of the next trade fair event you participate in? - XR technologies offer the perfect tools to get the job done. 01 Marketing Activations If you need to make your next marketing activation the talk of the town, you can definetely use our services. We use all the nuances of immersive technologies to find the best solution for you -whether it is VR or AR content, a Video Wall with personalzied content, a Holographic device or a touch-screen display. benefits include: increased customer engagement, higher persentage of customerse will remember the brand message, increase brand awarness and positive brand image. 03 Try before you Buy Most customers love the chance to get a little taste, a glimpse, a small demo if you will of the product they are about to purchase. Testing a product increases the potential buyer's confidence in your offering and untimately their cahnces to purchase from you. The tourism adn the hospitality industries use widely the "Try before your buy" tactic. 02 Brand Storytelling Give your brand story the power of magic and entchantment by telling in Virtual Reality. Allow your audience to witness the roots of your brand's beginning, to experience your brand's evolving throught its history and to feel your brands'core values and grand vision. Win a place in your customers's heart and solidify your brands' overall awareness. 02 Soft Skills Training Soft skills are becoming ever more valuablt in the competitive and highly interconnected world we live in. Training programs in VR allow your employees to improve their soft skill rapidly by providing a realistic representation of real world scenarios in a safe and judge-free environment in VR. 01 Virtual Shops The e-commerce sector has seen a radip growth throught the last decade, however the concept of a web shop has not changed a lot. Virtual Relaity offers a unique way for your brand to create a whole shopping experience personalized for your audience at the comfort of their homes. Reinvent the online shopping experience and win your customers' loyalty for life. 02 Virtual Configurators Virtual configurators are easily added to your website and allow your customers to view and rotate your products in 360 degrees, to interact with it and to configure it. This increases the sales potential for your products by allowing the potential customer to get familiarized with your product at the comfort of their screen which ultimately saves them extra time and efforts. 01 Training for engineers Virtual Reality Trainig simulators are an effective tool to drive drastically down training periods for new employes, to upskill existing ones and facillitate collaboration among teams. Optimize your work process with XR technologies and drive productivity and profitability up. 03 Training for Machine operators XR technologies allow us to simulate an envorment and/or augment our surrounding one. This gives companies, especially in the heavy industry, a first in a life chance to similate situations which would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous for the employes' health, thus saving the company time and money. 02 Health & Safety Training Simulators Keeping an incident free working environment is pivotal for any large scale business as well as being properly prepared for any unforseen event which could negative effect on workers' health and safety. Use VR, AR, and MR to increase people's awareness on how to act in crisis situations and/or how to work with potentially dangerous equipment without any risk for their safety. 02 TV & Broadcasting Traditional media such as TV & broadcasting are experiencing a stagantion with the ever more present alternatives on the internet. This has led to many TV programs such as news outlets, event shows or sports broadcasting networks to implement virtual reality in one shape or form - live VR gaming, VR art performaces, interactive VR games and live broadcasting in 360°. 01 Live Events Streaming Wether we talk about a major sporting event, a mainstream public event ot the next big concert, streaming your event in 360° allows your viewers to get a more detailed picture of the event thus making the experience more real-like. Chase higher vierewships withj 360° content which has proven to be more engaging by far compared to traditional 2D content. 03 Interactive Visual Installations Throughout human history, people have been fascinate by both technology and art. We fuse the two to deliver an unmatched real-life experience for our clients. Interactive visual installations awe guests and participants alike while elevating your brand status to new heights. We create personalised solutions for clients with the utmost attention to their brand's essence and values. 01 Confrence Meetings in VR Would you like to make your confrence meeting more meaningful and productive? Or you simply want to meet your over seas partnerts immediately and not take a 12 hours flight to do so? You can now hold your confrence meetings in Virtual Reality, making the more experienc more engaging and memorable for all participants, not mentioning possible at a fraction of the money it would otherwise cost to bring higher management from different countries together in a physical meeting. 02 BIM Visualizations VR, AR and MR have the power to simulate and/or augment our reality with a pin point precision. This makes them great for visualizing any aspect of the Building inforamtion Modelling. The results are faster project completion times, better team communication and inter-team collaboration as well impecable construction precision. 01 VR Branded Experiences VR Branded Expereinces are usually used to achieve better product promotion results and/or as Brand-storytelling tools. What is unique in either case is that the content may not even be directly connected with your brand, however it is your brand that allows the viewer to enjoy this unique VR experience. This solidifies your brand a place the customer's mind and ensures a positive and longlasting emotianl imprint. 02 VR films & VR Documentaries The film industry is embracing VR which as a tool refines how the seventh art is being created. Immersive naratives challenge the traditional way of storytelling by giving creatives' freedom to experiment with the medium and evoke stronger emotions from the audience. 01 XR Art Exhibition A new wave of immersive XR exhibitions is coming our way. Artists are embracing new tools for creativity expression and we all can enjoy these. Add immersive technology to your gallery, immerse visitors in the art and let them interact with it. 03 Corporate Events No matter the occasion, you can easily add VR, AR and MR to your next corporate event to awe your guests. Use audiovisual installations, video walls and holographic devicse to catch people's attention and leave a strong emotional imprint on all guests. 02 Team Buildings Activities in VR offer a great opportunity to enhance team collaboration and communication, to cultivate team spirit and last but not least to have a lot of fun. Gift your employese smiles and laughter with VR and make your team building event a memorable one. 03 AR Catalogs Make your product catalog alive. Use Augmenteed Reality to visualize your products and impress clients and partners alike. Pictures are worth thousends of words - AR lets you comunicate your products to your customers in a awe-inspiring way. 03 AR Business Cards Make your business card more impressionable than ever before. Include a fun and animated introduction, list your services and ensure you have captured your potential client's or partner's attention. 02 AR Billboards, Backdrops and Banners In the age of hyper-advertisement being able to stick out from the competition is a key to success. Counter the saturation of outdoor advertising and make your Billboards, backdrops and banners come to live. Communicate your brand message clearer and more soundly than ever.


of enterprises predict that MR will be used by their businesses in the next three years



of consumers prefer to shop at a retailer if augmented reality is offered

Lumus Vision


reduced the average length of technical service support calls



reduction in assembly time.

BAE Systems

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I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.


I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.


I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.


I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.


I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.


I recommend them with pleasure the trip was excellent, their staff are awesome people.




As pioneers in the field, we have had numerous media interactions - tv interviews, magazine interviews, guest appearances in TV, online media interviews, etc. We are always happy to share our knowledge and expertise with the wide public Interested to talk to us?


We bring our immersive spices to your event to guarantee a perfect and unforgettable experience flavor for your audience. Awe your guests with the magic of our XR solutions!
We are not just bringing the magic with us, we offer you a one-stop solution for your whole event planning process - event management, event branding, hardware-, and personnel rental

Team Building

VR and AR are a perfect supplement to every teambuilding event. Whether your team building event is taking place in a club, a hotel in the mountain or at the beach, we can be there to make the event truly unforgettable.

Corporate Events

Break the ice, engage your audience and get their attention! Our XR solutions accommodate perfectly your event whether this is an anniversary celebration, acquisitions celebration, annual gathering of different departments, a Christmas party or any other occasion.

"Happy Hour"

We offer you the opportunity to come at the convenience of your own office and entertain your whole team. Motivate your troops with a "Happy Hour" in Virtual Reality!

Marketing Activations

Gather the crowds around your marketing activation. VR is a proven show stopper and keeps people's attention which in turn gives you a great opportunity to get your brand's message across.

Trade Expos

Differentiate your brand at your next expo and win your audience over! Use VR and AR to make your presentation immersive and let your customers interact with your product in real-time.

Hosted Conferences

Add Value to your conference with the addition of VR/AR. We can make a guest appearance and share our know-how from the industry and/or showcase personalized VR content according to your conference's theme.

Cinema Zones

We offer a special "VR Cinema" package. This includes a 1-hour program of cinematic VR content for up to 20 people at a time. This experience is suitable for movie festivals, movie premiers, and screenings. Feel the seventh art in Virtual Reality!

Gaming Zones

We have deep experience in catering to VR gamers since the times of our VR arcade. Trust our unmatched experience and expertise to oversee your audiences' expectations.

Charity Events

Grab the attention of your crowd and hype up your event. Our XR solutions guarantee your guests would feel like kings and queens.

Revolutionize your immersive marketing efforts with our XR solutions.

Increasing sales, driving traffic, leaving impressions.

Video Walls

Be the peacock on the block. Use our video walls to liven up your booth or event and get noticed by everyone around. Using video walls gives your brand extra visibility and your message will get noticed from up to 300 feet away. We use the latest technology in digital signage and can display 1080p or even 4K images.


of consumers remember a campaign using video walls

Touch Displays

Would you like to redefine the customer experience for your audience? The fusion of design, innovation, and technology allows you to rediscover what true customer engagement means. Leverage touch display technology at any point of sale of your business and supercharge your potential sales!


of people report that digital signage catches their attention.

Holographic Pyramid

Holographic Display

Holographic Fans

Holographic Devices

Holographic Displays are another great way to add an immersive feeling to your marketing campaign. Use this effective presentation tool to showcase your product and communicate your brand's values in a unique and unforgettable way!

$3.57 Billion

worth of Holographic Display Market by 2020

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney

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We embrace every opportunity to engage in public discussions about immersive technologies and share our two cents on the increasingly important role they play in business and day to day life.

Guest Lectures

We firmly believe that knowledge is power thus we strive to support the emerging generation of xr developers and artist by holding Guest Lectures in various universities such as Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, New Bulgarian University, University of Forestry and others.


We organize custom workshops for any occasion. Hire us to organize a workshop for your company and we will show you the leading ways how your industry is taking advantage of VR, AR and MR.

Discussion Panels

Reach out if you would like us to take part in your event's discussion panel. We bring a deep pool of knowledge and years-long experience in the field of immersive technologies and would be happy to discuss anything XR in front of your audience.

Guest Lectures

Increase dramatically the added value of your hosted conference - we have extensive experience in taking part in various conferences from different fields and we are always prepared to share our know-how and expertise.

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We are an innovation-centric company that embraces new technology in the form of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and real-time interactive 3d via multi-touch surfaces. which enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve.


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