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While VR entails an experience in "another" reality, AR technology basically adds additional layers of information about our surroundings. This powerful tool allows users to access fast rich inforamtion, to interact with otherwise static objects and to leverage information in their real world surroundings.

As pioneers in the field we have followed due dilligently how the technology as well as the global AR market devops and have come up with effective and failure-proofed strategies to guarantee your products' success story.

Similar to VR, AR can be used in nuumerious ways and industries.Our team of creatives and developers always push the boundaries of what is possible and like nothing more than a new challenge!

Leverage information. Use AR

Edge your competition with out custom tailored solutions

Why AR?

Improved Information

AR applications provide users with additional information on the products, spaces, and materials.Users can retrieve valuable information about the product’s characteristics, its use, availability and more.

Easy Visualization

AR makes it possible to visualize an object in a personalized context. The consumer or user can modify its characteristics (size or color) or observe it under all its seams.

Unique User Experiences

Another significant advantage of augmented reality apps is that it provides the opportunity for consumers to make well-informed buying decisions anywhere and anytime

Our Process


Every project we work on begins with understanding your brand's identity and its business objectives.This allows us to pin-point what it would take for your product to thrive and lies the foundation for your success story.


Once equipped with invaluable insights, our creative wizards get to work- creating a storyboard, mock up designs, example UIs and any other visual commponents to put your idea into skin and prepare it for technical implementation.


Our team of highly experienced developers and engineers secures the seamless implementation from idea to a useable product. Their care for details and their love for problem solving provides for failure proof solutions.


With your experience fresh from our VR bakery, our analysts measure its impact and refine or adjust as necessary to optimise performance, ensuring the initially set S.M.A.R.T. objectives are met.


Full-cycle AR App development

Add a layer of interactivity to usual daily experiences, leverage information and visual cues to accelerate learning and development, increase cost-effectiveness as well as improve customer engagement and experience.

We use the latest and best technologies to develop seamless solutions for the iOS and Android platforms. From object recognition to plane detection, our team of dedicated specialists welcome any challenge and are ready to push teh boundaries of what is possible. Driven by excellence and guided by a personal approcah, we are here to advise you in the best solution to meet your business goals.

How Much Time Does Augmented Reality App Development Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 8 – 16 weeks.



This is the most budget friendly option and by far, the most popular type of AR applications out there. Texts, images or visual ques serve as triggers or "markers" which activate the AR experience.


Markerless tracking AR applications are a more complex than marker-based ones. Here, our developers make a greater use of the camera on our smartphones which enables functionalities such as plane detection and object recognition.


Location-based AR apps are perfect means to leverage information in your everyday surroundings and travels. Common functionalities include: object recognition, navigation and information visualisation.

Additional Benefits

Engaging Customer Experience

Add a new dimension to your customer experience. Use 3D models, dynamic annotations and motion graphics to communicate hidden features of your product. Allow users to interact with your brand and build stronger customer relationships than ever before.

Modification and Customization:

Augmented Reality allows custoemrs to interact with a realistic virtual model of your product. Allowing the user to view, to interact and to configure your products gives your potential clients an better understanding of what you offer and ultimately increase sales.

Increased Retention
Rates & Sales

Augmented reality aids not only in grabbing customer's attention and increasing sales, but the technology is tremendously valuable in increasing cusomer retention rates as well. Implement immmersive retention strategies into your campaign.


We use the latest and the best to create next level experiences

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney

Let's make your dream a reality!

Market Statistics

Take a look at the numbers and consider the industries and applications below.

$198 billion

Research has estimated that the AR revenue market value will reach $198 billion by 2025


3.5 Billion

There will be 3.5 billion mobile augmented reality users by 2022



of consumers believe AR can help them learn new personal and professional skills.

ISACA Surveys

Immersive Sales

Next generation Marketing, Branding and Advertising solutions

Brand Storytelling with AR
"Try before you buy"
Experiential Marketing
AR Billboards, posters, banners and backdrops
AR Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Catalogs
AR Presentations to investors & potential customers

Immersive Training Simulators

Accelerate learning and minimize potential risks

Soft skills training
Corporate trainings
AR On-boarding practices
Health and Safety Procedures & Protocols
Training for hazardous working enviroments
Remote tele assistance with AR

Industry 4.0

Innovative visualization solutions

Visualizations of manufacturing processes
Visualisation of working environments and processes
Inventory visualisations
Visualisations for working instructions>


Learn through experience

AR for elementary School
AR for secondary Schools
AR for higher education
Topic specific learning centers

Fitness & Relaxation

Improve athletic perofrmance and enhance your wellness recovery

Instructions visualisation
Fitness Routine visualizations
Wellness and Relaxation applications

Tourism & Hospitality

Defferentiate your brand and win new customers

"Try before you buy" experiences
Branded AR applications
AR for promotional materials

Conquer the buyer with Augmented Reality


of consumers prefer to shop at a retailer if augmented reality is offered

Lumus Vision


Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group



of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns.

Vibrant Media

Emotions are the foundation of everything we do. At VR Express, we work with you to understand these emotional triggers of your audience and deliver experiences that engage them like never before.

Grow sales, build relationships, and enrich others with powerful immersive experiences

Let's start your immersive journey together

Expand yuor business opportunities

Basic AR app development

This is a budged-friendly solution for vusinesses of all sizes which are looking to explore the possibilities which AR offers for their companies. We tailor the technology's potential to your specific business needs.

While full-cycle AR ap development allows us to customize every little detail of you experience, with our basic AR development package we focus on providing you with more simple, yet failure-proofed set of features.

How Much Time Does Basic Augmented Reality App Development Take?

While timing can vary, we recommend 4 – 8 weeks.

Additional Benefits

Time Saving

Using an already developed and throughly tested application saves invaluable time and makes the implementation process very easy.

Reduced Costs

Relying on a ready framework for your project allows you to save financial resources on additional development.

Ready to go solution

We provide you with a out of the box solution, ready to be implemented in your business stategy asap.

It all starts with an image or an object that comes alive. Adding that extra dimension will help you expand the way your customers interact and engage with your product or brand.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

The future is right here, right now

Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from the use of AR

AR for Print

Packaging, Banners, Billboards, Backdrops, Posters, Books, Magazines and more

Despite all technological advancements, print media is still an inseperatable part of our lifes and essential to advertising and publishing services. Augmented reality allows us to take incorporate additional information, configuration options, animated animations and other dynamic notations to already existing print designs. This is applicable in various sectors- from advertisement, to publishing, to medium and small businesses of all kinds.

Leverage AR to add a customer experience dimension to your existing design products and materials alike. Differentiate your product offering from the competition and increase your sales!

How Much Time Does Augmented Reality App Development Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 8 – 16 weeks.

Use AR for


Add a new dimension of customer experience for your outdoor advertising and differenciate your product offering from your competition.


Upgrade your banners using Augmented Reality to enhance your brand awareness and get your message soundly across to your audience.


Add additional layers of information and interactivity to your poster designs. Let people book your events, see a product's reviews or additional product characteristics.


Enhance the exlusivety of your events whether it is a grand opening, a red carpet type of an event, a sports celebration event or any other high profivr event.


Magazines are a prelvent form of print media with dedicated audiences. AR allows publihers to extend the cusotmer experience by adding videos, 3d models, annimations, dynamic notations and others.


Newspaper still hold a mojor role in inforamtion distribution and reach wide audeinces. Leverage Augmented Reality to immprove your product offerind and increase your revenue from advertising.


AR can be added to every piece of design and subsequently every product package. Use it to increase customer engagement, to communicate ongoing promotions and to enhance your brand's image.


Just like product packaging, product labels are a great means to leverage AR.You can increase custoemr engagement and communicate your brand's message in a more appealing way.than ever before.


Elevate your catalog presentation. Use AR to visualize your products in 3D and to give potential clients a better understanding of your products' characteristics and their features.


Bring 3D visualizations to your menu, let customers see recommendation, reviews and meal preparations. Enahance your customer's experience while driving sales up and enhanncing your brand's image!


Enhance your storytelling with the help of AR. Add visualisations, animations and interactive notations to your book to increase your value proposition and differenciate yourself from the competition.

Business Cards

First impressions are vital, Thus, use AR to.visualise your contact details as well as business essentail inforamtion so you leave a long lasting impression and open new business opportunties.


Optimize your promotion efforts from distributing flyers by using AR to increase customer engagement and get your campagin's message effectively accross.

Car Brandings

Maximize your branding efforts with AR to make your car branding come to live. Communicate ongoing promotions, company values and campaign messages.


Murals and Augmented Reality fuse greately together and the technology can be utilized to expand the art aprpeciation experience as well as to get messages across.


As you can already tell, Augmented Reality can be used with any kind of print and textile print in no exception. Add an additional dimention to your fashion products.

Augmented Reality is the technology of overlaying 3D objects into the real world. We have worked on numerous AR applications and will be happy to help you create an AR application.

Add a new dimension to your advertising and packaging

Enhance the custoemr experience for your products

We deliver realities

Just choose yours

AR Filters

for Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat

Social media marketing is evloving every day and now you can use Augmented Reality to engage with your audience like never before. We create purpusefull and brand identity specific lenses that fit both your budget and your business goals.

AR lenses are a great option for companies of all sizes who are looking to diversify their customer enagement channels and to position themselfs as inntovation driven and customer centered company. In addition, using Augmented Reality lenses in your Instagram, facebook and Snapchat campaigns increases your brand's awareness and your brand's image as a whole.




How it works


Get in touch with us so we can set up your quick and easy free consultation.


Tell us your campaign goals; we’ll explain how to best engage your audience with different lens & filter types and sponsored ad campaigns.


We issue an invoice and start work on your static 3D storyboard on receipt of your deposit. If you wish to commission a storyboard before deciding whether or not to proceed, we offer this as a standalone service. Please see FAQs for detailed payment information.


We start building your experience once you submit your digital consent. We can deliver your lens or filter in 7 - 10 business days. If you plan to link your Snapchat Lens to a sponsored ad campaign, they recommend allowing 2 - 3 weeks to set it up in your Ad Manager Account and receive platform approval.


We send you your lens or filter proof via a direct link. For Snapchat lenses, review your proof and give us the go-ahead to upload it into your Lens Studio account—or we can host in ours.


For organic sharing of your Snapchat Lens, allow 24 hours for platform approval. We can then send your final Snapcode! For organic sharing of your Instagram or Facebook filter, allow 1 - 7 business days for platform approval.

Step up your social media game

Engage with your audience in fun and innovative ways

Differentiate your social media presence from the competition. Supplement your campaign efforts with our AR lenses solutions.


Immersive Architectual Visualisations

Presenting architectural models with Augmented Reality enables a new and powerful tool to visualise your architectural and construction plans. These presentations allow for realistic and coherent understanding among all involved stakeholders which results in higher cost-effectiveness and improved workflow.


We can develop your own branded app meeting your specific needs. Additional features could be integrated, as well.



Increase Sales

Sales performance has direct correlation to proper presentation methods. Innovation and utility have always been weighing factors in the clients` decision making process.

Improved Workflow

AR technologies allow for better communication and collaboration among the different stakeholders involved- architects, designers, investors, property developers and construction contractors.

Reduced Costs

Industrial and big residential real estate projects require costly physical models which could easily be replaced by holographic and virtual simulations. The result is improved construction process reduced costs.

We live in a ever more connected worldwhere inforamtion is abundant and all around us. Augmented Reality technologies allow us to leverge the surrounding information for the benefit of your business goals

Let's start your AR project together

“Simply put, we believe augmented reality is going to change the way we use technology forever. We’re already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn.”

Tim Cook

We are an innovation-centric company that embraces new technology in the form of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and real-time interactive 3d via multi-touch surfaces. which enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve.


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