BETTER BUSINESS WITH VR differenciate your brand from the competition and increase your business' profitability.


VR Express has started out as an VR arcade which allowed us to intimetely understand how people interact with Virtual Reality, what they like about it, what they dislike, what makes them smile and what causes them inconvinience, and essentially what makes a VR experience great. As early adopters of the VR technology we have witnessed the immense development it the field on both the consumer experience end and the sofware and hardware side. This allowed us to gather great know-how about the pecularities in creating a memorable VR experience with a long lasting emotional imprint as well as a deep understanding of the technical challenges involved in the process.

As it is with any powerfull tool, Virtual Reality in itself does not guarantee any success. The true potential of this technology lies in the fine fusion of understnadning its implementation possibilities and undestanding the industry where you will use it.This is why our team of dedicated technology strategists, developers and passionate artists carrry out your project from the concept inception stage all the way through the technical impelemtation stage. After understanding your brand's identity and its specific business objectives we embark on the jorney to bring your idea from imagination to reality.

We are creatives and problem solvers.

As a one-stop XR production Agency we make the extraordinary possible.

Why VR?

These are some of the advantages of using VR

No distractions

What is the most precious commodity in the media? The audience's attention! With a VR headset on, your viewers have no distractions!

Memorable Experiences

Studies have shown that people remember a VR experience as vividly as they remember real-life experiences.

Increased Empathy

With VR, you can almost literally have your audience walk in someone else's shoes.

Better Engagement

Watching a screen is passive. Looking around a VR experience is active and adding interactive elements takes storytelling to the next level!

Our Process


Every project we work on begins with understanding your brand's identity and its business objectives.This allows us to pin-point what it would take for your product to thrive and lies the foundation for your success story.


Once equipped with invaluable insights, our creative wizards get to work- creating a storyboard, mock up designs, example UIs and any other visual commponents to put your idea into skin and prepare it for technical implementation.


Our team of highly experienced developers and engineers secures the seamless implementation from idea to a useable product. Their care for details and their love for problem solving provides for failure proof solutions.


With your experience fresh from our VR bakery, our analysts measure its impact and refine or adjust as necessary to optimise performance, ensuring the initially set S.M.A.R.T. objectives are met.


Interactive VR

As virtual reality storytellers we aim to create the highest degree of immersion possible whereby the vierwer is simply awe-struck after the experience. For that to happen our development, marketing and content departments analyse your business' needs and work to distill its essence, generating a compelling narrative and technical implementation strategy in order to meet and exceed the intially set S.M.A.R.T goals.

How Much Time Does Virtual Reality Development Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 10 – 16 weeks.

VR Statistics

The numbers behind the ongoing immersive revolution

4 out of 5

viewers of VR advertisements are likely to remember the brand in comparison to normal advertisements

Nielsen 2017


VR users are 27% more emotionally engaged than when viewing the same content in normal 2D

Nielsen 2017


of the world’s most valuable brands have created some form of virtual or augmented reality experience

Deloitte 2017

Immersive Sales

Next generation Marketing, Branding and Advertising solutions

Brand Storytelling in VR
"Try before you buy"
Brand Activation
Experiential Marketing
Immersive product presentations
VR Showroom
Web Showroom & Web Configurator
Presentations to investors
Presentations to potential customers

Immersive Training Simulators

Accelerate learning and minimize potential risks

Soft skills training
Corporate trainings
On-boarding in VR of new employes
Health and Safety Procedures & Protocols
Training simulators for engineers
Training for machine operators
Training for hazardous working enviroments
Training for the logistics sector
VR for medical training

Industry 4.0

Innovative visualization solutions

Visualizations of manufacturing processes
Simulation of working environments and processes
Product and processes prototyping
Training simulations for machine operators


Learn through experience

VR for elementary School
VR for secondary Schools
Topic specific learning centers
VR language learning programs

Fitness & Relaxation

Improve athletic perofrmance and enhance your wellness recovery

Situational training simulations
Improvement of peak athletic performance
Highly engaging fitness applications
Wellness and Relaxation applications

Tourism & Hospitality

Defferentiate your brand and win new customers

"Try before you buy" experiences
Branded VR Experienes
Campaign promotions
Season openning and closings
Virtualize locations and physical environments

We combine deep knowlege, rich experience and pure passion to leverage the the latest and greatest in XR technologies to deliver you a cutting-edge and awe-inspiring product.

Exploit the competitive advantages of your industry

We love to work with forward-thinking brands and individuals; let us build something great together!

VR Training Simulators

Replicating real world working environments in VR allows you to train your workforce immensly more effective, bridging the skill gap between newcomers and senior workers while saving yourself money and time in the process. Simulate working environments and situations which would be otherwise too complicated, too dangerous or too expensive.

We will create your custom VR Training Simulator in:

While timing can vary based on exact needs, it may take 10 – 16 weeks.

Statistics for VR Training


Less incidents

Intel spent more than 1 Million Dollars because of fatal accidents due to staff not remembering the right procedures. By adopting a Training in VR, they have achieved such results.


Return of Investiment

Calculated by Intel over the 5 years following training in Virtual Reality.


People who preferred VR training

`Oh ... I am dead. I will not make that mistake again`` Intel operator. Thanks to the great interactive strength of the AR / VR, the staff remembered better its mistakes and much preferred this kind of Training.

Хората запомнят...

Based on Edgar Dale's Cone Experience

Additional Benefits


Immersion in VR is the concept that the user is fully engaged in the experience without the distraction of outside stimuli. You have the user’s undivided attention. The immersive nature of VR makes it an extremely impactful experience for the viewer. It can elicit real emotions and create behavioral change- the holy grail of marketing.


Experiences in VR leave a long lasting emotional imprint in our memory. Since our brains receive real inforamtion and feed back from the virtual environment the experience solidifies to a different degree than just looking at a 3D screen..There is an immense opportunity for brands to deliver a memorable experience and create life-long lasting customer relationships.


People do not use or see VR everyday. Using it for the first time is a very exciting and memorable experience. A well executed VR experience can win you new customers while garnering additional PR amd making for an exceptional earned media moment. If you want to be the peacock and for your brand to grab all the attention, using VR will bring you a long way..

Why shouldn't people be able to releport wherever they want?

Luckey Palmer, founder of Oculus

Virtual Reality is still a great novelty and dedicated community, enthusiats and businesses are all scratching the surface of what is actually possible.

Dan Buettner


Virtual showrooms are interactive experiences that introduce clients to a 100% digital environment, allowing them to take tours of any type of installation space and interact with all kinds of objects ranging from a complete catalog of industrial machines to small tools or engineering processes. The virtual showroom is infinite, without walls or limits. It overcomes the physical or creative limitations of the traditional exhibition space.


Create the perfect purchase experience for your clients by designing your dream store in Virtual Reality. Dish the laws of reality and create a specticle of a shopping experience with strategic product placements, personalization options and constant engagement. Mostly used as a novelty solution to impress key customers in markets with high product margins.


Enter the latest trend in e-commerce with our personalized web-based showroom experience solution. Allow your customers to interact better with your products and increase engagement and potential sales as well your brand's credibility. Our solution is highly customizable and can be easily intergrated in your website. Differenciate your offerings and win new customers!


Web configurators are sky-rocketing in popularity. They are the most budget friendly solution if you want to showcase the funcionalilty of your product on their website. Giving your customer the freedom to explore your product, to see animated product functionalities and descriptions increases immensly the purchase probability from your customer's side.

We develop VR Experiences for all platforms

We use the latest and the best to create next level experiences

Did not see your field mentionted but you are interested in VR? Best thing about Virtual Reality is that the sky is the limit. Get in touch with us and let us bring your idea to life. Get a competitive advantage now!

Imagination Creates Reality

Are you ready?

We take care of the rest.

Art VR

Bitcoin Tree

The Beach

Kindergarten Balbuk

Strepsils Mountain

Magestic Wedding

Taiwanese Dragon

Revtag Agency

Energistically procrastinate ethical e-business vis-a-vis corporate infomediaries. Appropriately restore enabled growth strategies

Folklore Magic II

Flamingo Island

Bitcoin Tree

Why VR art?

Artistic expression in Virtual Reality leaves the viewer fully awe-struck. Experiencing art in VR allows the viewer to literally feel the painting and expereince intensly the emotional intend of the work. Artistic expression in VR is a completely new thing and we are pioneering this development in our region.

Use Art VR for:

  • Brand Storytelling
  • Product Promotion
  • Historic & Cultural Storytelling
  • Live Art Performance
  • VR Portraits
  • Storyboards
  • Portfolio presntations
  • 2D Advertisements
  • Ui/Ux Design

Why use Art VR?

Feel the power of magic

Brand Storytelling

Use VR art to tell your brand story in a most innovative and fascinating way. Our arrtist will creat an animated world expressing specificaly your brand's characteristics and identity while wrtongly resoanting and engaging the viewer.

Product Promotion

Combine your products real features with the magaic of artristic expression in Virtual Reality. The contrast of your real-world product with the fantasy world of animated VR makes for a compelling and hard to forget experience.

Historic & Cultural Storytelling

VR art is a great tool to tell stories about history, cultutre and folklore. We combine mesmorizing visuals and entchanting narratives to capsulate the emotions of various events and periods in our hisotry.

Live Art Performance

We offer live art performances for both public and private events. Our artist will awe your audience and make your event unforgettable. This service is still very unpopular however it is especially appropriate for high-end parties, exclusive confrences and elite art apprecianados.

VR Portraits

Our artists are pioneering in the art of VR Portrait making. This service is perfect for celebrities, influences, talent agencies and, again, art apprecianados.


Being able to visualize a story in a comprehensive yet simple manner aligned with the clients and/or creatives'intial vision is a pivotal part of any success story. VIsualizing your idea in 3D brings a whole new freedom to express your vision and communicate it in the best way possible.

Portfolio presntations

The VR canvas is a exceptionally suitable to present a portfolio of works. Not being restricted by a white canvas and having spacial freedom in 360° to express your ideas makes up for a compelling new way allow potential client's to expereince your portfolio of work.

2D Animations

Since VR art is such a novelty, the work created in VR carry a certain special emotional charge. Every VR art work can be used to crate a stunning and differentiable 2D animations which can be used in traditional media channels as well as social media.

Ui/Ux Design

VR tools serve an immesnly better purpose than tradional 2D softwares in allowing you to imagine and map out an user experience in a effortless and intuitive manner.

Ready to start your Project?

we create bespoke immersive, interactive and innovative experiences for your brand.

With our transformative immersive content, we help forward-looking brands gain a competitive advantage in their business operations.

Ui/Ux Design

Seamless user experiece is an essential part of any successful VR expereicne and/or application. Our interdisciplinary expertise and extensive experience has allowed us to to follow, to test and to adapt general principles and best practices from traditional Ui/Ux development process. We use specific VR tools to accelerate the process and deliver the most intuitive UI/Ux design possible.

How Much Time Does 360 Video Production Take?

While timing can vary based on exact needs, we recommend 4 – 12 weeks.


We use the latest and the best to create next level experiences

3D Assets Optimization for VR

Given that all enviroments in VR are 100% digitally generated it seems only logical that 3D assets are essential for creating any kind on interactive experience. One major pecularity about VR as well as AR and MR is that the 3D assets which are used have to be correctly optimized. Our rich experience has led to establish an efficient workflow to create ready-to-be-used 3D assets or optimize any 3D assets efficiently so it acn be used in the development stage of the project.

Optimized 3D Assets creation

We create optimized and ready to be used 3D assets.

3D Assets Optimization

In case you already have a 3D model which you want to be used, we will optimize any provided 3D asset efficiently and at competitive prices.


We use the latest and the best to create next level experiences

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Walt Disney

Let's make your dream a reality!

VR Rental

We rent out the best VR Hardware available on the market for any occasion your business may need. No matter if we have created the content for you or you have ready content but no HMD - we got you covered. Any headset for any need!

Why use VR at your next event?

  • Achieve Event Goals
  • Position Your Company
  • Create an Interactive Atmosphere
  • Make Your Company Memorable

VR Hardware

Types of VR hardware we rent

Oculus Rift/ Rift S

This HMD is tethered to a high-end gaming PC and still provides the highest quality of experience for a prolonged time of use.

Oculus Go

These HMDs are standalone devices used mainly for passive consumption of VR- 360 videos and different applications where you do not have position tracking. Extremely applicable for VR cinema zones.

Oculus Quest

The highest class wireless VR headset on the market. These lightweight VR googles give you the freedom to explore your surroundings in VR without feeling restricted by any cables. An absolute sense of magic.

HTC Vive

This is the second-best PC-tethered HMD on the market which we offer for rent. Despite its more difficult set-up, HTC Vive remains one of the main VR headsets.

Rent VR Hardware for

Types of suitable occasions to use VR

Team Building

VR and AR are a perfect supplement to every teambuilding event. Whether your team building event is taking place in a club, a hotel in the mountain or at the beach, we can be there to make the event truly unforgettable.

Corporate Events

Break the ice, engage your audience and get their attention! Our XR solutions accommodate perfectly your event whether this is an anniversary celebration, acquisitions celebration, annual gathering of different departments, a Christmas party or any other occasion.

VR "Happy Hour"

We offer you the opportunity to come at the convenience of your own office and entertain your whole team. Motivate your troops with a "Happy Hour" in Virtual Reality!

Brand Activations

Gather the crowds around your brand activation. VR is a proven show stopper and keeps people's attention which in turn gives you a great opportunity to get your brand's message across.

Experiential Marketing

Use VR in your Experiential Marketing to immerse your audience like never before and deliver your message stronger than ever.

Trade Expos

Differentiate your brand at your next expo and win your audience over! Use VR and AR to make your presentation immersive and let your customers interact with your product in real-time.

Hosted Confrence

Add Value to your conference with the addition of VR/AR. We can make a guest appearance and share our know-how from the industry and/or showcase personalized VR content according to your conference's theme.

VR Cinema Zones

We offer a special "VR Cinema" package. This includes a 1-hour program of cinematic VR content for up to 20 people at a time. This experience is suitable for movie festivals, movie premiers, and screenings. Feel the seventh art in Virtual Reality!

VR Zones for Festivals

VR Zones are a great addition to any type of a festival. VR Zones add value to your event, increase engagement and make the whole experience more memorable.

By now, you can see that uses for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality stretch far beyond the gaming industry. Our passion drives us to explore the ways XR technologies are used for training, marketing, product design, and much more.

Start to imagine

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people; we’d love to build something great together.

We are an innovation-centric company that embraces new technology in the form of virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality and real-time interactive 3d via multi-touch surfaces. which enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve.


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